Regulations - Przegląd Piosenki Aktorskiej


Regulations of the Capitol Music Theatre in Wrocław

  1. Glossary of Terms

    1. Seller – Capitol Music Theatre, of 67 Piłsudskiego Street, 50-069 Wrocław, NIP (Tax Identification Number): 896-000-56-21, Regon (National Business Registry Number): 000 27 89 59.
    2. Shop – internet service belonging to the Seller, available at, via which the Buyer can place Orders
    3. Box Office – point of sale of Merchandise and Tickets located in the Seller’s building
    4. Buyer – any entity placing an Order in the Shop (Consumer or person without the Consumer status)
    5. Consumer – Buyer who is a natural person undertaking a legal transaction (sales agreement by means of the Shop) which is not directly connected with his/her commercial or professional activity (Civil Code Art. 221)
    6. Regulations – these Regulations
    7. Merchandise – items offered for sale in the Shop and Box Office
    8. Ticket – entitlement to participate in a cultural event organized by the Seller (Event) offered for sale in the Shop and Box Office
    9. Order – statement of the Buyer’s intent leading directly to concluding an agreement to sell Merchandise or a Ticket remotely by means of the Shop, stating at least the kind and amount of Merchandise or number and type of the Ticket and Event.
  2. General Provisions

    1. The Regulations specify the principles of concluding and executing sales agreements of Merchandise and reservations and sales of Tickets, as well as the general principles applicable in the Theatre.
    2. Unit prices displayed next to the Merchandise and Tickets are quoted in the Polish Zloty and include VAT. The price including cost of delivery and other possible costs of the ordered Merchandise is quoted before placing an Order.
    3. Information concerning particular Merchandise and Tickets does not constitute a sales offer within the meaning of civil law regulations. The content of the internet shop is an invitation to conclude an agreement in accordance with Art. 71 of the Civil Code.
    4. When placing an Order, Buyers agree that all legally required notifications, especially the information specified in Art. 12 of the 30 May 2014 Consumer Rights Act, confirmation of placing an Order and model declaration of withdrawal from the agreement, are sent to them in electronic form (PDF).
  3. Placing Purchase Orders for Merchandise

    1. Placing orders for purchasing Merchandise in the Shop is conducted by means of the sales system at or electronically at
    2. To place an Order via the Shop, put the selected Merchandise in the shopping cart (basket) and follow further instructions displayed on the Shop’s website.
    3. On concluding the purchase in the Shop, before placing an Order, the Shop presents a summary of the purchases, including the list of all selected Merchandise, unit price of each item, and total amount due for the sales and delivery of the ordered Merchandise.
    4. After placing an Order, the Buyer receives: i) an automatic e-mail confirming the placement of the Order with the Seller, together with all the legally required conditions of the Order (i.e. information referred to in Art. 12 of the Act mentioned in § 2.4), and ii) e-mail or telephone information confirming receipt of the Order and conclusion of the Merchandise sales agreement within 3 working days from the placement of the Order.
    5. Modifying the content of the Order by the Buyer or annulment of the Order is possible before the Merchandise has been dispatched. To that effect, contact the Seller by phone or via electronic mail.
    6. The Merchandise is delivered to the address indicated in the Order, within the territory of the Republic of Poland. The Seller does not deliver Merchandise abroad.
    7. The Buyer can collect the Merchandise personally from the Box Office. Information about the working hours of the Box Office and its planned breaks is published on the Seller’s website.
  4. Online Ticket Reservation and Sales

    1. The Seller offers a system allowing online sales of Tickets to Events. The internet system of sales and reservations allows a single purchase or reservation of a maximum of 10 tickets per Event.
    2. Tickets reserved online must be collected within one week from the time of their reservation. Overdue reservations will be annulled.
    3. Tickets purchased online and not printed out by the Buyer can be collected from the Box Office not later than 30 minutes before the Event, on showing confirmation of the purchase.
    4. Refund or exchange of Tickets is possible EXCLUSIVELY when the Event is cancelled. Tickets are returned or exchanged on showing the receipt attached to the Tickets when sold, or any other proof of purchase. The Buyer is not allowed to withdraw from Ticket sales agreements.
    5. Schoolchildren, students, pensioners and Cultural Obligation cardholders are eligible for concession Tickets. Concession entitlement documents are checked on entering the auditorium.
    6. Urbancard holders with an active Premium status are eligible for purchasing Tickets for repertoire Events of the Capitol Music Theatre and Stage Songs Review with a 20% discount, with the exception of guest and premiere Events. Concession regulations are available at
  5. Conditions of Payment

    1. The Seller offers the following forms of payment for the purchase of Merchandise and Tickets
      1. in cash or by payment card on personal collection,
      2. by payment card or electronic transfer by means of the PayU transaction service.
    2. Payment for Merchandise and Ticket sales can be made on the day of the personal collection of the Merchandise or Ticket only in the event of cash or card payment. When paying via the PayU transaction service, the payment is made directly after placing an Order.
  6. Delivery of Merchandise

    1. The Buyer is obliged to provide his/her correct and current contact details. Lack of correct details may render the execution of the Order impossible.
    2. During the execution of the Order, the Buyer receives an e-mail message with information about the receipt of the Order.
    3. The Seller delivers the Merchandise by means of a postal operator and enables its personal collection from the Box Office.
    4. The Merchandise is dispatched within 2-3 working days from the date of placing the Order.
    5. A receipt or VAT invoice is the sales document.
    6. In the event of the Buyer declaring the consignment damaged, the Seller recommends drawing up a damage protocol in the presence of the person delivering the consignment, and immediately informing the Seller. When the Merchandise is difficult to check or the damage protocol refused to be drawn up by the postal operator, the Seller recommends noting down the details of the person delivering the consignment (full name and telephone number) and sending the information immediately to
  7. Withdrawal from Shop Purchase Agreements

    1. Buyers with a Consumer status can withdraw from the agreement of purchasing Merchandise in the Shop without stating any reasons by submitting a written declaration within 14 days from the day of receipt of the Merchandise, i.e. the day of acquiring the physical possession of the Merchandise by the Consumer, or: a) when the Consumer places one Order including a larger amount of Merchandise delivered separately, in batches or parts, the 14-day deadline is counted from the moment of physically acquiring the last item, batch or part of the merchandise; b) when the Consumer places one order including the delivery of the Merchandise in batches or parts, the 14-day deadline is counted from the moment of physically acquiring the last batch or part.
    2. To respect the period of notice, it is enough to send the declaration before the 14-day deadline. A model withdrawal declaration is sent to the Buyer together with the Merchandise.
    3. The right to withdraw from the agreement without stating reasons does not apply to Consumers in cases regulated in existing provisions, i.e. in reference to audio and visual recordings and data recorded on digital media after the original packaging has been removed by the Consumer.
    4. In case of withdrawing from the agreement without stating reasons, Buyers with a Consumer status are obliged to return the purchased Merchandise to the Seller or to a person authorised by the Seller immediately, i.e. not later than within 14 days from the day the Buyer withdraws from the agreement. To respect the period of notice, it is enough to send the Merchandise or deliver it to the Box Office before the 14-day deadline. The Consumer only incurs direct costs of the return of the Merchandise. The Consumer is responsible for decrease in the value of the merchandise resulting from its exploitation extending beyond what is necessary to establish its nature, features and function.
    5. Buyers without a Consumer status have no right to withdraw from the agreement referred to in Art. 1 of the Regulations. Rules and periods of withdrawal referring to such Buyers are defined by the provisions of the Civil Code.
  8. Complaints

    1. The Seller is responsible to the Buyer for defects of the Merchandise sold.
    2. Complaints concerning lack of conformity of the Merchandise with the sales agreement may be submitted in writing to the Seller’s address (Teatr Muzyczny Capitol, ul. Piłsudskiego 67, 50-019 Wrocław) or by electronic mail:
    3. When submitting a complaint, the Seller recommends that the Buyer includes contact details, an exact description of the cause of the complaint and demands on the Seller, as well as a sales document or its photocopy.
    4. Complaints lodged by Buyers with no Consumer status, without an attached sales document, will not be processed.
  9. Guarantee

    1. In the case of Merchandise under guarantee terms issued by the manufacturer, the rights should be executed in accordance with conditions of the guarantee document, directly with the guarantor.
    2. The Buyer’s rights relating to the Seller’s responsibilities for defective Merchandise do not exclude, limit or suspend any rights of the Buyer resulting from guarantees issued by the guarantor, as defined in the guarantee document.
  10. Personal Data Protection

    1. Providing personal data is required to allow the Order to be completed.
    2. The personal information is processed solely for the purposes of completing and servicing of the Order.
    3. In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act, the Buyer is entitled to view his/her personal data, alter and delete them. The Seller ensures each Buyer the right to control data processing, according to Art. 32 of the Personal Data Protection Act.
    4. Providing personal data is voluntary, but lack of access to them renders the completion of the Buyer’s Order impossible.
  11. Privacy Policy

    1. Cookies are text files stored in devices used to browse websites (a PC, notebook, tablet, palmtop, smartphone). After storing, servers get access to such files.
    2. The website and all its subpages use cookies solely for statistical reasons.
    3. By altering software settings used to browse the website and its subpages, it is possible to establish conditions for storing and accessing the cookies used by this website and its subpages, including the possibility to switch them off entirely.
    4. In order to alter the settings connected with the cookies, the software used to browse the website and its subpages must be appropriately configured. Necessary information may be received by means of technical help to such software or by contacting its provider.
    5. In accordance with Art. 173/2 of the Telecommunications Act, failure to change the settings of software used to browse the website and its subpages means agreeing to the website’s use of cookies for the purposes stated above.
  12. Theatre Principles

    1. Persons arriving late for an Event will not be allowed to enter the auditorium (stalls). Latecomers are not entitled to a refund of tickets purchased. If there are free seats in the balcony (circles), it is possible to allow persons who are late to sit there as long as it does not disturb the play. Such decisions are at the discretion of the audience service staff.
    2. Photography, filming and the use of mobile phones are prohibited during Events.
    3. Bringing food and drink and their consumption is forbidden in the auditorium. Smoking cigarettes and e-cigarettes is prohibited.
    4. Persons whose behaviour disturbs the course of the Event, in particular those under the influence of alcohol, will be asked to leave the auditorium with no right for a refund of the tickets purchased. If such an incident leads to the cancellation of an Event, the person responsible will be encumbered with the costs of the cancellation.
    5. Children may attend evening Events exclusively on the responsibility of their guardians. If a child’s behaviour disturbs the staging or watching of an Event, the Theatre reserves the right to ask the child to leave the auditorium together with the guardian, with no right for a refund of the tickets purchased.
    6. For security reasons, every member of the audience must keep a valid ticket, including children regardless of their age.
    7. The audience member who loses his/her cloakroom token is obliged to pay the fee of 30 zlotys.
    8. The theatre reserves the right to change the repertoire and cast without prior notice.
  13. Final Provisions

    1. For matters not covered by these Regulations, rules pursued generally by the laws are applicable.
    2. The Regulations do not exclude or limit any rights of the Buyer with a Consumer status awarded to him/her under the compulsory laws. In the event of discrepancy between the provisions of these Regulations and the compulsory consumer laws, the laws shall prevail.
    3. The Regulations are available to all Buyers in electronic form on the Shop’s website.
    4. The Seller reserves the right to alter the Regulations at any time without stating reasons. Changes in the regulations become valid when published in their revised wording. The changes do not apply to the Orders placed before the day they become valid.